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Anger Management Course

Designed to equip you with effective tools to manage and channel your anger

The Anger management program is designed to equip individuals with effective strategies and tools to understand, manage and channel their anger constructively. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises and counselling techniques, participants will develop skills to identify anger triggers, regulate emotional responses and cultivate healthier communication patterns.

The course will emphasis self-reflection, empathy, and assertiveness to promote long term emotional well-being.

Course Duration: 6 Sessions

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Course Objectives

  • 1. Understanding the nature and causes of anger, including physiological and psychological aspects.
  • 2. Identify personal anger triggers and recognise early warning signs of escalating anger.
  • 3. Develop effective coping mechanisms for anger, stress and frustration.
  • 4. Cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence to enhance anger regulation.
  • 5. Explore healthy communication techniques to express anger constructively and assertively.
  • 6. Learn conflict resolution strategies to manage anger in relationships.
  • 7. Practice relaxation techniques to reduce anger and promote overall well-being.
  • 8. Develop an individualised anger management plan for long-term success.

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Session Breakdown

  • Session 1: Introduction to Anger Management
  • Session 2: Understanding Anger Triggers
  • Session 3: Anger awareness and Self- Reflection
  • Session 4: Coping mechanisms, stress management and anger regulation
  • Session 5: Assertive communication skills
  • Session 6: Conflict resolution, anger in relationships and anger management for the long term

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Course Delivery & Cost

The course will be conducted face to face or self-paced. Each session will include a combination of discussions and experiential exercises. Participants will receive handouts, worksheets and recommended reading materials for further exploration and self-study.

Cost: $600.00 – ( Saving of $120.00 )

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